About My Belle O!

My Belle O! - an exclamation one makes for Tummy rumbling/bursting laughter- is Nigeria’s number one comedy social networking site.

My Belle O! is a self run site by users for users but is moderated by a team of experts around the world. It allows you to post and share anything funny. Literally anything... (Please try to keep it PG please. Thank you!) .Users can report explicit content and suspicious users and our team will take care of it.

It was developed to be a user-user interface with a focus on laughter in social networking.

Your favorite comedians, sites, youtube channels, jokes and funny news/gossip etc. can be featured on the site. You can even send in requests to feature popular comedy sites or channels.

My Belle O! brings you Funny Nigerian videos, Short video vines, Pictures, Jokes, Yabs (Jib-Jabs), News, Music and much more all in the bid to make you laugh.

There are millions of things to share with people who have a sense of humour . Why not have a one-stop central place to share these with free spirited like minds? Abi ?

My Belle O! was a year in the making and has been developed with advanced social networking software to help bring laughter to your next door neighbor, friend and loved ones.

Putting reasons together, it’s definitely not hard to understand why fellow happy Africans can’t get their comedic relief in one place...at the beginning or end of the day, or even during work breaks, just to see what new thing out there can make them laugh. My Belle O! promises to be the highest quality of any Naija comedy site of any kind in our age.

We’ll continue to improve the site and moderate delivering great content to you and from you because Naija and Africa as a whole deserve to laugh! Gbam!

Got feedback? Want to contact us? : We would like to hear your suggestions, comments and your questions. Please get in touch with the My Belle O! team via info@mybelleo.com

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